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    We can provide a fabrication service for those of you who have designed your own cabinetry, moldings or prototypes. The most efficient way to get cabinetry part information to us is to email us your cut list spreadsheet formatted for use with Microsoft™  Excel™. Please click on the "Format Page" below for suggested column headings. We can then cut, edgeband, drill, label and prepare your parts for shipping. In order for us to fabricate moldings or construct prototypes, please either ship us a sample, fax us a profile, or email an Autocad™ file. For those of you in the trade, the calculators below may be useful for figuring out a circular or elliptical head archway. For intricate dual plane intersection calculations, please download our exterior miter calculator. Please note this is formatted for use with Microsoft™  Excel™. 

Format Page    Circular Arch Calculator    Elliptical Arch Calculator   Exterior Miter Calculator

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Morso Machine Modification