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    We can provide both design and drafting services for homeowners, industrial clients or fellow craftspeople. Site design consultation is provided for larger jobs. Following these meetings, ballpark job pricing will be provided. Should the price be in an acceptable range, a fee for drawings will be determined and design drawings will be made. Please see the samples below for some of our past work. If you are designing a kitchen, please look over our "Kitchen Design List". When designing a kitchen we feel it is best to understand how the kitchen is to be used, rather than just what size boxes go where. Some of the files below are large so please be patient.

Complex 3d designs can also be provided with detailed drawings, complete cut lists, labels, and optimized sheet patterns, should you wish to fabricate the job yourself.

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Kitchen Design List

Drawing Two.jpg (89425 bytes)
3d Drawing One

2.0b.jpg (117899 bytes)
Complete Job

Drawing Three.jpg (90235 bytes)
3d Drawing Two

Drawing1.jpg (76692 bytes)
Drawing One

Drawing2.jpg (59388 bytes)
Drawing Two

Drawing3.jpg (77563 bytes)
Drawing Three

Rendering.jpg (42279 bytes)