Design and Pre-Production Services

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Either AutoDesk's AutoCAD™ or Thermwood's E-Cabinets™ design programs are used.

Pre-production Services:
· Creation of drawings for shop use, client, interior designer or architectural review
· Drawings are provided in an AutoCAD format allowing for easy exchange between trades
· Drawings for use specifically by the installer to identify key parameters
· Elevation, plan, section, 3d and exploded views
· Exploded drawings including individual part identification
· Creation of a custom title page or drawing style
· Complete part listing, including hardware buyouts, in Microsoft Excel format
· As much or as little dimensioning as desired
· Printed plans on letter, legal, ledger or "D" size paper
· Creation of part labels
· Exporting certain parts in the correct format for CNC production
· Sheet layouts and optimization for immediate fabrication
· A list of stock needed to fabricate the job





Cut Lists


CNC Output

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