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       After 24 years in the custom cabinetry business, Progressive Wood Works is proud to announce our new design and pre-production services both for design professionals such as interior designers and architects, as well as fabricators such as cabinetmakers and contractors. Our design assistance will be of great help for those who have clients that are unable to visualize a project from standard drawings. Our walk through movies and renderings will allow them to see the final product before production starts, thus eliminating potential difficulties during the course of the job. 

    For manufacturers and contractors, let us help you do what you do best. We can remove the drudgery of explaining how the job is going to look. A picture is worth a thousand words. We can further engineer the concepts to make sure they work in the real world and prepare materials for ordering, cut lists, optimization for cutting parts from your material sizes and preparing cabinetry for exporting to those with CNC capabilities.

What are the benefits of this service?
Provide us with as little or as much information as you would like to, and we will take it from there.
Designs will be ready for fabrication, before submissions to architects, manufactures, clients or interior designers are made, and thus assuring they can actually be built.
One can employ the services of fabricators with lower labor rates, and still a high quality well designed product will be created, no fabricator "shortcuts".
Most parts can be ordered out requiring only assembly to be done either on site or by less skilled workers. Others CNC machinery can be used without the need to have the machine in house.
The entire "front end" of the manufacturing operation has been created thus much faster fabrication times can be obtained.
Many companies are not using technology for optimization thus, there is a saving of materials.
One has the option to submit custom designed products to the custom divisions of your regular suppliers detailing the way you want them built.
Creation of exactly what is needed rather than reliance on something "close".

Conceptual, spatial and pre-engineering
From sketches or drawings
Cabinetry, furniture, room layout
Complete paneled libraries
Create your own product line
Supplement your stock product line
One of a kind or prototype products, stock symbols need not be used
Specification sheets for the job can be listed so there is no misunderstanding
Creation of custom knife profiles
Creation of custom moulding profiles
Construction techniques compatible with CNC nested base technology

Making conceptual and design ideas work in the real world.

Pre-production Services:
Creation of drawings for shop use, client, interior designer or architectural review
Drawings are provided in an AutoCAD format allowing for easy exchange between trades
Drawings for use specifically by the installer to identify key parameters
Elevation, plan, section, 3d and exploded views
Exploded drawings including individual part identification
Creation of a custom title page or drawing style
Complete part listing, including hardware buyouts, in Microsoft Excel format
As much or as little dimensioning as desired
Printed plans on letter, legal, ledger or "D" size paper
Creation of part labels
Exporting certain parts in the correct format for CNC production
Sheet layouts and optimization for immediate fabrication
A list of stock needed to fabricate the job

    Please take a look at the other pages on this site to better understand the services we can provide to your company.

    Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Contact us here.

Best Regards,

James R. Falk.